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Nozala Women Investments is a 100% black female-owned and led investment holding company with an innovative approach to business in developing and executing growth strategies for its investee companies. With an intergenerational view on value-creation, the company’s vision, like that of its Shareholders, is to make a meaningful contribution to solving sustainable economic access for women in Africa.


Value-driven Investments

Nozala Women is driven by an ambition to add value to the businesses we invest in. We strive to generate superior returns for our shareholders through the acquisition of meaningful stakes in like-minded, impact-focused companies, where we provide strategic direction and drive operational excellence. 


While our sector focus includes financial services, manufacturing, mining, and energy, we look for businesses that offer the following criteria: // Performance track record // Strong management team // Prospects for domestic growth; and //Opportunity to expand into select African markets.

Additionally, our pragmatism, insights and capabilities have been validated by our active board. Our ability to forge long-lasting relationships with management teams has allowed us to provide cross-selling opportunities between our portfolio companies.


Nozala Women seeks alliances with companies and partners who share their commitment to women empowerment, responsible investing, social impact and sustainability, broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) and transformation, as well as adhering to good corporate governance principles.

Sustainable transformation for women, communities, and the economy 

Value driven partnerships for investees 

Active strategic investor and influence through representation on boards 

"Nozala Women is an intergenerational company born out of a vision to make a meaningful contribution towards building a legacy for women in Africa."

Mandlesilo Msimang
CEO, Nozala Women Investments

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We strive to deliver sustainable and profitable earnings, attractive dividend yields and long-term capital growth for our stakeholders while maintaining our core principles of building a legacy, women empowerment, transformation, and social and environment consciousness.

Cape Town City Center

Kyocera Document Solutions, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is a leading manufacturer of document imaging solutions and document management systems. Nozala Investments held 16% of Kyocera through a transaction concluded in 2009. Nozala Women Investments acquired 35% of Kyocera in Q4 2018 under a new empowerment transaction.

Value Created: Nozala Investments’ interest and involvement in Kyocera enables Kyocera to gain access to other investee companies to provide business solutions including digitisation, efficient accounting systems and cloud services. Nozala Women Investments assisted Kyocera to drive local compliance as well as increase BEE across the business. Subsequently in 2019, due to the good working relationship between Nozala Investments and Kyocera, as well as Kyocera’s empowerment objectives, Nozala Women Investments executed a second Kyocera BEE transaction that resulted in Nozala Women Investments acquiring a 35% shareholding and facilitating an exit by Nozala Investments.

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