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Nozala Value Creation



We strive to deliver sustainable and profitable earnings, attractive dividend yields and long-term capital growth for our stakeholders while maintaining our core principles of building a legacy, women empowerment, transformation, and social and environment consciousness. 



Active shareholder with high investor returns and growth

Deep experience and insights of Sub-Saharan Africa

Create employment opportunities, especially for black people and women

A legacy intergenerational organization with a track record of capabilities, commitments, and excellent industry insights

African women-owned, managed and inspired, Nozala Women promotes Africa and women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and excellence.

A robust leadership team with key relationships with funders and prominence and influence across the industry

Commited to responsible investing through environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles


Sustainability and empowerment are our drivers and we not only value businesses on their profitability but the quality of their management, social impact and market-leading positions. We continue to strive to acquire stakes that enable us to exert greater strategic and operational influence to make an impact in Africa and beyond.

Nozala Women Investments

Kyocera Document Solutions, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is a leading manufacturer of document imaging solutions and document management systems. Nozala Investments held 16% of Kyocera through a transaction concluded in 2009. Nozala Women Investments acquired 35% of Kyocera in Q4 2018 under a new empowerment transaction. 

Nozala Investments

We pride ourselves in the active management of a diversified portfolio of listed and unlisted investments over the last 25 years – since the restructuring in 2020, the assets that remain in the portfolio have been successfully manged by Nozala Women on behalf of Nozala Investments.

Nozala Social Impact



We drive social impact in our communities as ESG (Environmental, Sustainability and Governance) investing is integrated in our ownership and our strategy and we aim to embrace social and environmental issues into existing business models or transforming them altogether with the underlying rationale that running a responsible business will drive better investment outcomes in the long run – and that it's possible for corporations to be successful and make profit, but still do good in the world. 


Nozala Women sees impact as a mass movement embracing social, economic and political upliftment for previously disadvantaged people. In addition to our impact investing, 40% of our shareholders include  not for profit and public benefit organisations like Nozala Trust, National Movement of Rural Women, Muthande Society for the Aged, and Ijelo Labafazi 

Ijelo Labafazi
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